Black Girls (AGA) Reaction to Japanese Hip-hop Music Mix | Tone by Gridge | African Girls & Asia

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Music List
1. 4:02 t¥pOH98 / APE RICH - PURPUS
2. 5:43 Lipstorm DJ KENZI - Over
3. 7:59 MIC大将 WATT a.k.a. ヨッテルブッテル - Heart Of The 6 Cities
4. 10:06 Rice Water Groove - Weekend Reflection (IKE remix)
5. 11:55 Teparouchimi - Drowing
6. 14:16 DJ FUMIRATCH - After The Rain feat ZORN & BRON-K

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We do not mean to offend anyone in the process of making this video. We hope you guys enjoy watching nonetheless, if you like this video share it to your friends and family you can also like, comment and subscribe.

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